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Be warned, I have not checked all the 'touchstones' so they will include errors as the automatic title links are often incorrect If anyone spots any mistakes please add a comment so I can make a correction. Running order: 1. Mexico 4. Asia - South and Southeast 9. Europe - North, Central and Caucasus plus Russia Middle East incl' Egypt Ireland Cooper Devereaux W. Brannan - Red Moon Rising L. Watkins - Murder on Mt. Evelyn Talbot Novels Michael S. Lauren Maxwell series R. Marshal Piedmont Kelly series Western mysteries - mainly set in Arizona? Jance - Joanna Brady series William W.

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Coggins - Who's Grace? Nichol - Midnight Cab Nanci M. Thomas - D. Stanley - Murder on Mt. Undeterred, they continued their excavation. Any treasure worth finding would certainly require more than two feet of digging. As the teenagers continued burrowing down, they followed the walls of the previous hole. In doing so, the boys found that the pit had narrowed to seven feet in diameter.

They also noticed the work of their predecessors. Imprinted in the clay of the tunnel wall were the impressions of pickaxes. Had these marks been left by pirate laborers before securing their treasure underground? The adolescent explorers were determined to find out. At a depth of ten feet, the boys discovered a layer composed of rotting wood timbers.


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The timbers spanned the width of the hole, forming a wooden platform. The ends of the timbers had been driven into the sides of the tunnel wall to firmly anchor the structure. This deliberate barrier and the hollow sound beneath the timbers must have confirmed to the boys that vast wealth was close at hand.

The team eagerly continued their efforts, removing the timbers to claim their treasure. Just as before, the enthusiastic excavators were again disappointed. After taking out the barrier, the boys found a two-foot pocket of air followed by soil that had settled below Lamb, McGinnis and his friends carried on undeterred. Tunneling down to approximately 20 feet, the boys encounter another level of wood timbers.