Amaru Treasure

The Legendary Inca Treasure of Poland’s Czorsztyn Castle
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Yes, this is a real game. Reign: Nagalisitu — Episode 7.

Túpac Amaru: A Legacy of Rap and Revolution

The Hunting Pack has returned to Nagalisitu to introduce religion but society has changed quite a bit in the interim. How do you introduce faith to a society of philosophers? Debate is one option, but it will hard to convince a society full of skill orators. There are other ways, but dare the Pack use them? NASA always has more people willing to risk death for glory than missions to fill.

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Two experts are assigned to travel with the astronauts to conduct the repairs, but they are clearly not qualified. This is only the start of this mission's problems. Reign: Nagalisitu — Episode 6. Fortunately, the Stabbyeux, the personal guard of the princess and defenders of love! Now the party must make the prophecy come true if they want to fulfill their mission. Slasher Flick: Eyes on Breen. One by one, the evil and corrupt members of society will face justice at the hands of Denim.

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But they have their own plan to stop him. Is the world doomed or will corruption win? Reign: Nagalisitu — Episode 5. The Hunting Pack has to fulfill a lot of prophecies, which might cause the downfall of a kingdom! Dwenar's love, a princess who has gone to the nunnery, is willing to sacrifice anything for him. Will Dwenar reciprocate?

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More importantly, will he survive the fall after Scarl shoves him out the window? Why is Scarl doing that in the first place? I guess you'll have to listen to find out! Eclipse Phase: The Coelacanth. An executive's identity is stolen and murdered temporarily to assist in the identity theft. His fortune has been stolen, but he has enough assets left to hire a team of private investigators to recover his wealth and find the thief.

Eneru, Lightning Incarnate 200,000,000 Volt Amaru

Digging through the executive's enemy list, finding the real thief, and stopping them, will send the team through the dark underbelly of the largest city in the solar system. Reign: Nagalisitu — Episode 4. The Hunting Pack's quest to unite the tribes continues! Diplomacy must finish the job that war began but the mercenaries may not be up to the task. Persuading cannibal sorcerers to change their ways peacefully requires either the most talented negotiators in history or perhaps the invention of a new societal ritual.

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Blood yams, anyone? Delta Green: The Book Club. A bank is robbed in Los Angeles but it seems to defy all logic. Safe deposit boxes were sawed open but the vault itself was not breached. The door remained closed the entire night. When FBI investigators start to examine the mystery, they find the victim and suspect were both members of an unusual book club.

This scenario was written as part of the Shotgun Scenario Contest. You can read the entry here. Reign: Nagalisitu — Episode 3. The Hunting Pack must unite the tribes of Nagalisitu if they wish to bring them the benefits of civilization and education. It will take a mixture of diplomacy, intrigue, and violence to win them over.

follow link Slaying some of the mighty leech cats may impress one of the tribes, but that's a big IF. Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory: Iota. A most unlikely group of adventurers finds themselves on a desperate mission to rescue an Eldar Farseer from a cult of Chaos. The cult has holed up in an abandoned space station in deep space, but they aren't alone. Other factions are stranded on the station and no one trusts each other Reign: Nagalisitu — Episode 2.

The Hunting Pack has been charged with guiding a new civilization, but before they can help the people of Nagalisitu, they must survive the court of Daryl the Squinty-Eyed! The angry king has arrested several members of the Pack for dereliction of duty.

In order to survive, they must win a court battle against an old nemesis. Can they survive a naked trial? Delta Green: Amanuensis Dolls.

Templars of the Rex Deus Families

Umina is then the mother of a few months old son — Antonia, born in Venice. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The treasure of Tupac Amaru is an adventurous journey through the centuries and is rooted in South America. Catering to jet-setters and backpackers alike, the city hums with swishy restaurants, cheap hostels, upscale boutiques, tacky souvenir shops and hundreds of posh hotel rooms, yet you still see campesinos bearing sheaves of barley or peddling embroidery on street corners. The mystery of the Niedzica quipu is no closer to being solved today than it was in the summer of , when Polish newspapers were abuzz with the story of Andrzej Benesz, a young law student from Krakow, and his discovery of an ancient Peruvian artefact at Czorsztyn Castle, towering over the Dunajec river near Zakopane. Joe's easy-going nature and his warm and fun personality made him a recognized leader in his field. I felt sorry that I had to take its wool, but as soon as I removed the small chunk, the ladies cheered quietly, unbound it and led it back to its corral.

Jack Knight, a failed horror writer, has been targeted for investigation. Recent communications with his agent and others indicate he may potentially be a threat or have access to information he should not have. A team of agents has been assigned to search his cabin and determine the source of his information.

As the agents draw near, they have no idea what to expect inside. One thing is clear. This story is far from over. If you enjoy this adventure, the full text is available on Bridget's Patreon. Reign: Nagalisitu — Episode 1. Mysterious slavers attack the camp of the Hunting Pack, a small mercenary company. The leaders of the mercenaries chase after the slavers, trying to rescue their followers.

The slavers ride unnatural monsters and wield strange weapons, which none of the mercenaries recognize. When the mercenaries tracks down the slavers, they find a strange portal in a cave in the middle of a swamp. A hidden world awaits the Hunting Pack and the chance to change history forever. Check out the preview art for this campaign, which includes sketches of the player characters. Art by Patsy McDowell.

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A group of mostly horrible people find themselves at an isolated mansion on Christmas eve, with a strange older couple as their hosts. An innocent game of Secret Santa quickly turns dark, as the guests realize the couple is far more sinister than they could imagine.

The gifting has begun. Forbidden Lands: Rose Shield Dungeon. After hundreds of years, the Blood Mist has mysteriously disappeared. All throughout the land, villages and settlements once isolated are now open to the rest of the world. A band of young adventurers has set out to explore the wilderness. Will they survive what they encounter? Delta Green: The Hunters. A squad of Marines in the jungles of Vietnam encounter a power beyond their comprehension. It gives them a chance to defeat the enemy, but at what cost?