Attracting, Selecting & Retaining Great People

How to Attract, Develop and Retain High-Performing Talent
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The challenge, however, is to also make sure employees are paid competitive wages. Finding sources of salary information, conducting your own salary surveys or sharing information with a group of competitors can help retain employees who might leave because they are underpaid. Without accurate survey data, agency owners risk overpaying or underpaying employees. In transitioning from traditional merit and performance-based systems, two viable incentive options are profit sharing and gain sharing. Gain sharing is tied to increases in operational efficiency and may be an interim step to a long-term profit-sharing program. But employees also value rewards that are not monetary. Surveys conducted by the Society of Human Resources Management indicate employees ranked interesting work, employer flexibility, feeling valued, having training, and advancement opportunities as top factors influencing their decision to change jobs.

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In smaller agencies, promotional opportunities may be fewer, but there should always be new skills to learn and the opportunity to feel job satisfaction. Setting milestones for education and developing performance-based criteria can enhance the job and help reduce turnover. Higher-level positions, such as the Senior CSR position, can also be used to reward performance that is beyond normal expectations.

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Higher-level skills or additional job duties should be the criteria for promoting an individual to a senior position. If the CSR is an agency automation expert, for example, or can take on part-time responsibility for conducting quality audits or training, you can create a career path where one may not have existed.

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Offering perks can also be a cost-effective way to attract and retain employees. For example, casual dress, flexible starting times, earning time-off comp days, floating holidays or summer hours , job sharing, or using part-time positions provide the agency with a powerful advantage in the job market. Communication The best performers welcome high expectations and want to know they are on a team with exceptional people.

How the Experts Hire and Retain Top Talent

A good method for defining and communicating individual expectations is through the performance review process. Through periodic feedback, employees can gain a better idea of how they are doing and what training opportunities they should pursue to develop their skills and knowledge. Communication in general is important to modern employees.

They appreciate monthly meetings that provide updates on plans and new developments and address their questions and concerns. They are also motivated by public and personal recognition. And finally, they respect organizations that ask for feedback on management and on the agency overall. Attracting and retaining employees is as much a marketing issue as it is a management issue. Developing and promoting a positive organization and reminding employees of the value of being part of it is critical to getting those referral sources and keeping the talent that you have.

BMG provides a variety of services, including management and operational assistance and compensation planning to agents and brokers nationwide. She can be reached at or at scunningham bmgconsulting. Thank you!

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Editorial Reviews. Review. " the no nonsense, nuts and bolts information provided within this Attracting, Selecting & Retaining Great People Kindle Edition. Attracting, Selecting & Retaining Great People takes a step-by-step, common sense approach to dealing with one of the most important issues facing leaders.

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How to Attract High-Quality Employees

I appreciate you spending time with me today for this interview. With many potentially qualified applicants from which to choose, how do recruiters know who represents the best overall? What is his or her demeanor? Decathlon seems to have developed a winning strategy in face of two major HR challenges of today: attracting and retaining talent. The fourth pillar of Employable Talent is active financial planning. Surprisingly, this one pain point effects a multitude of facets within an organization such as company effectiveness, recruiting, retention, turnover, and compensation, just to name a few. The founders.

Article 1 Comments One consistent trend throughout the United States is the difficulty in finding people to fill job openings. Was this article valuable? We work hard at creating an environment where great people want to work, at choosing the best hires for our particular culture, and at keeping our employees happy once they get here.

11 Ways to Attract Talent to a Small Company

But while this is an important component of bringing great people to our company, I believe the real reason we have the best talent is so much more than that. Genuinely kind, hard-working, good people like to be surrounded by other like-minded colleagues. Passionate people want to be around passionate people. As long as egos are checked at the door, intelligent people love being around other intelligent people, because it challenges them.

Everyone here loves to win.

Retaining Your Highly Talented People

People want to work here because they want to be a part of a winning team. There are lots of great, talented people out there—people with tremendous intellectual capacity, technical aptitude, and fantastic communication skills. But not every person is the right fit for every team. Connect with an Expert Connect with an Expert If you are human, leave this field blank. Submit Request.

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How to Attract High-Quality Employees Building out a team is equally one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences as your company scales and grows. Say thank you Recognition in the workplace goes a long way to making your employees feel recognized and acknowledged. Offer attractive compensation, benefits, and incentives The truth is, really great employees often have multiple career options available to them. Why are benefits packages important?

Benefits packages provide support for both your company and employees. They are tax-effective. Benefits are like tax-free bonuses for employees in Canada, excluding Quebec. You can help to ensure the wellbeing of your employees and their families. This, in turn, can create a sense of security for your team and help to improve morale.

They offer recognition. Benefits will help to remind your employees that they matter to you. And as stated before, saying thank you goes a long way. Be open to constructive feedback.