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It is equally creative to arrange the salads on serving plates. While I enjoy going to school, I love the two month-long summer vacation as much. I get to do many interesting activities. I get enough free time during the vacation to pursue my hobbies of reading and playing the guitar. During my summer holidays my parents also plan a nice holiday for the family.

500+ Words Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation

We go to interesting places and learn many new things. During our summer vacations we have visited the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, the desert areas in Rajasthan and the seaside in Tamil Nadu. When we go to different places in the country we eat the local food, and buy the local spices and other food items for use at home. I like to take photographs of the beautiful landscape and the local people in the different places we visit. I have an interesting collection of photographs that I have taken in the many visits we have made during my vacations. We also visit our grandparents who live in Nainital, in the hills of Uttarakhand. Visiting our grandparents is special because they dote on my brother and me, and pamper us a great deal. It is during my annual summer vacation that I get the opportunity to do and learn a number of interesting things. As there is no rush to go to school, I find sufficient free time. I also work leisurely on the holiday homework and projects that our teachers tell us to complete during the vacation.

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I love to read. So during my vacations I read interesting fiction that I cannot otherwise engage in during school days. I find detective and thriller stories and science fiction very fascinating. I either issue the story books from the public library in Hyderabad, the city where I live, of which I am a member, or then I buy the books. I read the books leisurely at my pace. I am very keen to learn to play the piano, so I have enrolled for classes at the music school. My teacher is a professional pianist, and has offered me the chance to play the piano for an upcoming music extravaganza during the New Year celebrations at the largest auditorium in the city.

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My friends and I love to have ice cream during the summer months. And so we learnt to make ice creams at home during our vacation. We were creative, and made ice lollies and ice creams in different flavours in our homes. We used juicy fruits like mangoes and litchis to make delicious frozen desserts.

We enjoyed making these and sharing them with each other. We also learnt to make various chilled beverages. Summers are synonymous with holidays because we get a two month-long break from school during the hottest time of the year.


Here are essays of varying lengths on How I Spent My Summer Vacation to help you with the topic in your exam. It is written in very easy and understandable. Students, along with their family and friends, spend their time usefully doing what they While it is fun to go to school, I enjoy my long summer vacation too.

It is good fun as I can do a number of interesting activities. I get sufficient time during my summer vacations to develop my hobbies, and do all the fun activities that I cannot do when I have to go to school. I do not sleep till late as the mornings are the cool hours of the day in summertime and most productive time of the day. So I wake up early and go for a morning jog with my sister in the park nearby. Many other joggers come to the park too. It is refreshing and energizing to go for a jog.

I also study in the mornings so that I can complete my holiday homework, and also do some extra practise in mathematics. I also love to play badminton. So I play with my friends in the evenings, in the playground, in our colony, where many residents come and play games. I have participated in many badminton matches at school and also won prizes. I hope I can become a badminton champion someday. I enjoy eating cool salads during summertime. I love to be creative and make salads with raw vegetables like onion, tomato and cucumber, and with leafy vegetables like lettuce.

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Summertime is also when we can travel to interesting places. My parents take my sister and me for fun activities like river rafting. We also visit our grandparents who live in Goa and spend a week with them. My grandparents love us and treat us to a whole lot of goodies when we visit them. I love to read fiction in English and Hindi, and my grandparents present me a number of nice story books.

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I enjoy my summer vacation as I can devote time to the activities, besides studies, that I love to do. I love to sing Carnatic music and to play the violin. When the session is on at school I cannot go for daily violin and music practise sessions. But during the vacation I go every evening to the music school where I spend three hours singing and playing the violin.

I had my first public performance during my summer vacation and the audience was very appreciative. I love to read both Hindi and English literature.

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It is enjoyable going to Connaught Place, the shopping hub of Delhi, during the summer vacations, and having ice creams at an ice cream parlour, and getting books that I like to read from the library. I like reading the works of the authors of the past, both Indian and foreign. I enjoy reading poetry, and also penning verses. I have presented my poems at events at my school, and have also won prizes at competitions. I also have a collection of my poems in Hindi and hope to publish them as a book.

Summer vacations are also the time when my mother pampers me and my brother at home. As it gets very hot, with the temperatures touching forty-five degrees Celsius, we prefer staying indoors during the daytime, and our mother makes us lovely goodies to eat. She loves to bake cakes.

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And so she tries using many different healthy and nutritious ingredients to make delicious cakes and other confectionery. We love gorging on all these sweetmeats. Augustine, Pompano Beach and Cocoa June respectively. The tour then heads north for a number of engagements in the Northeast with the first leg of the tour wrapping up in Asbury Park, New Jersey on June See below for a complete list of Slightly Stoopid tour dates with select ticket info.

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