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Her deep learning is evident on every page.

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Yet even more importantly, she provides at every turn the tools a student will need to encounter a marvelous and thought-provoking text, a text that places the medieval Latin legend into the broader context of world literature and wisdom tales. Look Inside Table of Contents.

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Documents in Medieval Latin. A Student Commentary on Pausanias Book 1.

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Virtuous Necessity. Plautus' Poenulus.

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His impressive knowledge of numerous aspects of medieval studies, his lively sense of human interest, and his enjoyment of the humorous make Reading Medieval Latin an illuminating and stimulating study of the Middle Ages. Details if other :. Want to Read saving…. Note that u and v are interchangeable in Middle English. Isidore of Seville c. Book Description Cambridge University Press,

Cambridge University Press dates from and is part of the University of Cambridge. We further the University's mission by disseminating knowledge in the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. Skip Navigation and go to main content Bestsellers Books. Print this page. Used from other sellers Check for new and used marketplace copies. Aula Internacional - Nueva Edic Marco Mezzadri author They can also be complex and mystifying. The text is written in an abbreviated medieval script, and deciphering it may seem like a rather insurmountable hurdle for some modern readers.

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"Keith Sidwell promises his readers a selection of Medieval Latin readings that will give a relatively unskilled Latinist a sound introduction to Medieval Latin from . Editorial Reviews. Review. "Keith Sidwell promises his readers a selection of Medieval Latin readings that will give a relatively unskilled Latinist a sound.

Even the seasoned palaeographer who specializes in medieval script may hesitate for a moment when asked to read a passage from a manuscript—the task is definitely not without its challenges. But fear not dear reader! By following these not-so quick and not-so easy steps, you too will find yourself blissfully flipping through a thousand-year-old book, soaking up ancient knowledge from the past.

Although medieval letters may appear thick and pointy and they often tend to blend together , for the most part, the basic shapes of the letters are the same as their modern counterparts. Of course there are always a few tricky variations to learn, but with a little concentrated effort, they can all be added to your personal repertoire of medieval script. The next challenge is to decipher the abbreviations.

By the twelfth century, most medieval scribes relied heavily on the use of abbreviations to limit the amount of space each word needed to take up on the page. Parchment was expensive and the more words crammed onto a single folio could mean a great deal of savings in production costs.

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