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Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2018 – AZERBAIJAN
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Reminds the authorities in Azerbaijan that the wellbeing of the population, which entails respect for rights and freedoms, is an essential component of sustainable economic growth;. Calls upon Azerbaijan to respect and implement its commitments undertaken as a member of the Council of Europe; reiterates its call on the Azerbaijani authorities to comply with all rulings of the European Court of Human Rights ECHR concerning Azerbaijan; calls for the ruling of 16 June and all other ECHR rulings to be complied with;.

Calls on the government of Azerbaijan to immediately end its crackdown on civil society and human rights work, ensuring that independent civil society groups and activists can operate without undue hindrance or fear of persecution, including by repealing the laws severely restricting civil society, unfreezing bank accounts of non-governmental groups and their leaders, and allowing access to foreign funding;.

Deplores the continued actions taken by the Azerbaijani government to curb contacts between civil society groups, youth activists and intellectuals in Armenia and Azerbaijan, which are of extreme importance for bridging the long hostility between the two countries; in this regard, again recalls the important work done in this area by Leyla and Arif Yunus;.

Calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to respect freedom of the press and media, both in legislation and in practice and both online and offline, to guarantee freedom of expression in line with international standards and to end censorship of criticism of the government via media outlets;. Is extremely concerned over the situation of LGBTI people in Azerbaijan; strongly condemns political hate speech against LGBTI people coming from the highest levels; calls on the Azerbaijani government to stop obstructing and intimidating human rights defenders working for the rights of LGBTI people;.

Underlines the importance of serious and mutually respectful dialogue between the EU and the government of Azerbaijan, the opposition forces and civil society;. Reiterates that the negotiations for a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Azerbaijan should be immediately put on hold as long the government fails to take concrete steps in advancing respect for universal human rights;. Urges the European companies that operate in Azerbaijan to be outspoken in demanding high human rights standards and to adopt high standards of corporate social responsibility, taking into account the impact of their actions on the human rights situation in the country;.

Regrets that the EU-Azerbaijan human rights dialogue has not made any substantial progress as regards the human rights situation in the country; calls on the EEAS to step up this dialogue with a view to making it effective and result-oriented, and to report regularly to Parliament;. Calls on the EU authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the corruption allegations against President Aliyev and members of his family revealed by the work of the investigative journalist Khadija Ismaylova;.

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Calls on the Council to avoid double standards in relation to the EaP countries, and to consider, in this regard, targeted sanctions and visa bans on all politicians, officials and judges involved in the political persecutions;. Calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to cooperate with and facilitate visits by representatives of regional organisations such as the Council of Europe and the OCSE; strongly deplores the decision by the Azerbaijani authorities to close the OCSE offices in Baku;.

Notes that independent election monitors, including the long-term OSCE observation mission and national ones, have documented major breaches of electoral standards in Azerbaijan for all presidential and parliamentary elections since and including the presidential election of October ; expresses its serious concern as to whether the conditions are in place for a free and fair vote on 1 November , given that leaders of opposition parties have been imprisoned, media and journalists are not allowed to operate freely and without intimidation, and a climate of fear is prevalent;.

Tillis, co-chair of the Senate Human Rights Caucus. This legislation makes clear to Turkey that we will not accept the status quo. The bill would require the U. It further calls on President Trump to urge Turkey to restore due process guarantees and respect for the fundamental freedoms of all its people, thousands of whom are victims of the same politically-motivated prosecution and indefinite detention.

He has been in jail since July Since early , Turkish authorities have targeted three veteran Turkish employees of U. All three men have worked as locally employed staff of the United States Government in Turkey for more than three decades.

go here A Turkish court in January convicted Hamza Ulucay, who was imprisoned since February , on terrorism charges without any credible evidence of wrongdoing. He was sentenced to four and a half years in jail, but released on time served.

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Two other local staff from the U. Consulate General in Istanbul, Metin Topuz and Mete Canturk, remain in custody or under house arrest on similar trumped-up charges. After 18 months in jail, Metin had his first court hearing last month. The court adjourned his trial until May Last fall, Americans rejoiced as the pastor Andrew Brunson, a North Carolina native, returned home after spending more than two years in Turkish prisons on baseless terrorism and espionage charges.

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A combination of congressional pressure and targeted sanctions on Turkish officials sent a clear message to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the United States would not tolerate his using Brunson as a pawn to extract political concessions. Faced with mounting political and economic costs, Erdogan caved. Today, the Turkish government continues to hold at least one American citizen and two Turkish employees of the U. Erdogan plans to inflict misery on these innocent people until he gets what he wants out of the United States — whether that is a green light to attack Kurdish strongholds in northern Syria, taking legal action against Fethullah Gulen and his followers in the United States, or U.

Such attempts at extortion are all the more galling coming from Turkey, an important NATO ally that is not acting like one. American citizen and NASA physicist Serkan Golge is serving a five-year prison sentence for alleged involvement in terrorism, despite no credible evidence of wrongdoing. Turkish police have also used false terrorism charges to detain three longtime Turkish employees of U. Golge and Topuz are in solitary confinement, where they have spent up to two-and-a-half years with only an hour of fresh air per week.

Ulucay was released earlier this year after being held for nearly two years. Canturk remains under house arrest, and his family is subject to travel bans and regular police check-ins.


These men are all innocent. Not only have they lost irreplaceable time with their families, but the physical and psychological toll of their ordeal also means they may never be the same once they regain their liberty. The United States did not tolerate the politically motivated detention and mistreatment of a U.

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We should not tolerate those acts now with Golge or longtime U. As the United States increased pressure on Turkey over Brunson, it simultaneously tried to cut a deal with Erdogan for the freedom of the other detainees. By now, it is abundantly clear that no amount of coaxing will secure their freedom.

As with Brunson, only stiff political and economic pressure will work. This week, I introduced the bipartisan Defending United States Citizens and Diplomatic Staff from Political Prosecutions Act of , which would require the president to impose sanctions on all senior Turkish officials responsible for these wrongful detentions, including barring them from travel to the United States and freezing any assets they have here. The bill further calls on President Trump to urge Turkey to restore due-process guarantees and respect for the fundamental freedoms of all its people, thousands of whom are victims of the same sort of politically motivated prosecution and indefinite detention endured by our citizens and consulate personnel.

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AZERBAIJAN. 2. Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for United States Department of State • Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Results 1 - 10 of 78 Country Reports on Terrorism - Azerbaijan. 19 September Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Azerbaijan. 3 March.

The United States has a particular moral obligation to protect our own citizens. We also have moral obligations to our local staff overseas. Thousands of citizens of other countries work at U. The credibility of the United States is at stake in the eyes of these courageous individuals who place their trust and safety in our hands. The fate of their colleagues in Turkey weighs heavily on the minds of our consular staff, as it does on our national conscience. No effort should be spared until they are free. Two U.

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The bill, introduced by Republican Senator Roger Wicker and Democrat Ben Cardin, also calls on President Donald Trump to urge Turkey to respect for the fundamental freedoms, saying thousands were victims of politically-motivated prosecution. Their detentions prompted Washington in October to suspend all non-immigrant visa applications from the country, triggering a reciprocal move from Ankara that contributed to a deep crisis in bilateral ties.

The bill introduced Tuesday would require the U. Turkey has detained tens of thousands of people following a failed coup in July , saying they were linked with the network of Fethullah Gulen, a U. He was released last October. Serkan Golge, a dual Turkish-U. Three other Turkish citizens who were working at the U.

A Turkish court last month ruled that one of the consular workers, Metin Topuz, a translator and fixer in Istanbul, should remain in jail until his trial resumes in June.


For the records of reports and updates see [72]. In addition we appeal for the lifting of restrictions on the activities of civil society organisations, thus enabling them to fully contribute to Azerbaijan's future wellbeing. Customs Administration. Nobody may be forced to join any union or remain its member. Time, Place, and Manner Restrictions.

Pompeo, February 12, Mr. He observed that Hungary has experienced a steady erosion of freedom, the rule of law, and quality of governance according to virtually any indicator, including the assessments of the World Bank, the Heritage Foundation, and the Cato Institute. This stems in part from the seizure of pension fund assets as well as the concentration of ownership in the hands of Fidesz-connected oligarchs. The same index notes a marked decline in government integrity measures, placing Hungary into the oppressed territory on those sub- indices, with a score dramatically worse than in While Mr.

The two cannot be separated.

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On the one hand, the Orban government has exploited EU funds to build its corrupt oligarchy. On the other hand, the EU — precisely because it is not a federal government but depends on the consent of the EU member states — has limited ability to rein in this corruption and hybrid forms of governance. Rohac asserted that this embrace of crony authoritarianism by Hungary is a direct threat to U. He rejected the notion that competing for positive influence in the region means we should not hold our allies to high standards. Corke described the concerns about trends in Hungary and other countries in the Euro-Atlantic region which led to the formation of a bipartisan group, the Transatlantic Democracy Group, focused on democratic erosion and the need for U.

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Corke also suggested that a lesson learned from recent developments in the region is that transparency is a necessary, but alone insufficient, condition to fight corruption. She asserted that the concept of a linear progression of democracy is outdated and new approaches to supporting civil society are needed.

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In addition, Ms. The Trump-era policy of transactional engagement devoid of values has fared no better, she said, and the U. First, the United States should reinvest in democracy promotion. Finally, the United States should not shy away from applying targeted sanctions, such as the Global Magnitsky law, when clear lines are crossed. When visa bans were used against some officials in , they had an impact in Hungary. Background materials available for the briefing included panelist biographies; Department of State materials including statements by Secretary Michael Pompeo and U.